Why the Mets will re-sign Carlos Delgado this offseason

Delgado in uniform playing...something we hoped for last season

Delgado in uniform playing...something we hoped for last season

Recently it was discussed by our beloved blogmaster what the Mets WILL do this offseason…not necessarily what they SHOULD do or what the common folk Mets fan want them to do. Sign Matt Holliday-check. Sign Bengie Molina-agreed. Sign Jason Marquis-right on (heck, he may even pay them). However, I tend to differ at the platooning of Daniel Murphy at first base with unknown player to be named later. As much as Mets fans would love to have Adrian Gonzalez here in a trade, its just not reasonable. The Mets WILL sign Carlos Delgado to a a 1 yr deal and here’s why…

1. First and  foremost, if the Mets weren’t interested in bringing back Delgado, why the heck would Omar Minaya go watch him in Puerto Rico to play winter ball? Puerto Rico is a real nice place…heck I married a Puerto Rican but Omar isn’t going there on vacation. He’s going to there to check Delgado’s health and if the guy can still play at 37 years old. Delgado, albeit in 26 games ,had 23 RBI’s, hit 4 HR’s and hit .298. Multiply that by 6 which would roughly be a full season and you got a pretty good year and about 160 RBI’s (which certainly wouldn’t happen…but you get the point). We know this guy can play in NY. He’s been here for 4 years hurt or not and been productive when in the lineup. The most inspiriring point is in 2008, his 3rd full season as a Met, he hit 38 HR’s and drove in 115 which by season start would be 2 seas0ns removed. Trust me, Delgado can still play and wants to play in NY.

2. Ike Davis is a year away. Clearly the Mets are brooding this guy to be their next “big thing”  and as a Mets fan you sure hope they are not counting their chickens before they hatch. Ike Davis played great last season. Between hi-A ball (Pt. St. Lucie) and AA (Binghamton) the guy hit  .298 20 71 in 114 games with an OBP of .381. Oh yeah did I mention he’s 6′5 195lbs and bats and throws lefty? Regardless 0f what people say, the Mets love lefty first basemen (i.e. John Olerud, Keith Hernandez, Ed Kranepool, Dave Magadan (ok, he threw righty but batted lefty as does Carlos Delgado), and my favorite Mo Vaughn…ok I digress but you get the point. The Mets want a big lefty first baseman which is why they are banking their future on one young Ike Davis.

3. A-rod and Chase Utley. Didn’t these two notorious Mets foes have hip surgery recently? Look at what they did. A-rod (hip surgery Spring 09) hit 30 HR’s and 100 RBI’s after missing nearly 6 weeks of the season…oh yeah and he won his first World Series…not to mention he his 34…a mere 3 years younger than Delgado. Then there’s Chase Utley (hip surgery Nov. 08), who helped his team notch its second straight pennant, and practically couldn’t make an out during the World Series on his way to hitting 5 HR’s. Hip surgery didn’t ruin their careers which is another reason why the Mets are targeting Delgado.

4. Delgado will sign a reasonable contract. If Carlos Delgado thought he had nothing to prove to major league ballclubs, he wouldn’t go and play in PR. Clearly, he knows his health is an issue. The guy had hip surgery so teams know he’s banged up. The guy had arthroscopic surgery to repair a tear and remove a bone spur which sounds pretty bad. I highly doubt he’s looking to get the $12 million paycheck he got from the Mets in 2009. I expect with his loss of service factored from last season that he will sign for $5 million and a mutual team option for 2010.


5. Daniel Murphy sucks and should not be an everyday starting first baseman (let alone an everyday player on a NY team). Need I really say much more than that? I don’t understand the Mets organization fascination (or the fans) with Murphy but when he pans out to be the next Albert Pujols and not the next Eli Marrero then you can tell me I was wrong.

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  1. Chris Wilcox says:

    Travis, a few points:

    1) 23 x 6 = 138, which is nowhere near 160 RBIs. Not that it would have mattered, because his RBIs would have gone down with Reyes and Beltran out of the lineup anyway, plus RBIs are a horrendous stat and one that I will never cite, but even if they were a worthwhile stat, your math is off a lot.

    2) Chase Utley and Alex Rodriguez are 30 and 34, respectively. Carlos Delgado is going to be 38. The issue isn’t so much with the hip, but the fact that he’s getting pretty old, AND has a bad hip, and it becomes much harder for a player to recover from such injuries as he ages.

    3) I don’t like Daniel Murphy much either, and I don’t think he’ll hit enough to be a regular. That said, I’d rather pass on Delgado, because he’s the oldest of the glut of first basemen on the market. They’re all flawed in some way, be it injuries or what have you, but Delgado isn’t really the best option or even the second best option on the market.

    I was talking to Will today, and he proposed an idea I liked. The Castillo for Bradley for (insert player here) rumor has persisted since the hot stove began. Suppose the Rays were interested in Bradley and, more importantly, in getting rid of Pat Burrell. Why not use Burrell as a right-handed platoon partner for Murphy? He’s not the best option, but he’s only under contract for one more year, he would open up second base for the Mets to finally sign Orlando Hudson, and he could probably still mash lefties pretty well and not embarrass himself at first base. I liked Will’s idea a lot, even if it has a less than 1% chance of actually happening.

  2. tjv101 says:

    Pat Burrell was awful this past injury ridden season when he was actually in the lineup. The last thing I’d want is this aging Met killer on this team let alone playing a new position. I know he’s awful in the outfield with his piss poor range but having him try a new position would be difficult. I know he can hit the long ball…in philly but I am not so sure about Citi Field. Plus he’s owed $8 million, whose gonna pick that up? Also, you bring up Delgado and how old he is. Delgado is 3 years older than A-rod which is a not a whole lot. I think Delgado can bounce back and actually help this team. And my math…well it’s been a while since I used a calculator so I guess I will ask Santa for one.

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