Blue & Orange Hot Stove Huddle – A modest success!

Thanks to all that were able to come out last night for Blue and Orange Hot Stove Huddle.  I had a great time meeting a lot of the bloggers I’ve read and respected over the years, and a good time was had by all.  The panels were all fun and interesting, and I can only hope that I wasn’t too incoherent while speaking during mine.  Next time, I will try to keep my Newcastle count under 5 before speaking.  Special thanks to Ken Davidoff for making it out and adding an air of legitimacy to the festivities, even as I was childishly calling out his colleagues for no good reason.

Please read and support all of the bloggers who were able to make it out last night, they are all excellent and should be part of your daily reading!  If they aren’t part of your RSS Reader, get them in there!

(OK, so the Iron Sheik wasn’t really there, but Will and I are trying very, very hard to get him for the next Blue and Orange get together.  Stay tuned!)

Extra special thanks to Will, first for putting this whole thing together, and then moderating and keeping the event going smoothly throughout the night.  In the wrong hands, something like this could have gotten out of control, as Mets fans and bloggers alike were trying to proactively drown their sorrows for what could be another disappointing season in 2010, but he kept things going quite well and knew when to tell the drunken idiots on the panel to move on.  Okay, so there was only one drunken idiot he was trying to get to move on, and it was me, but still, great job.  Here’s hoping we can do another one of these sometime in the future!

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