Berman: Jason “Flushing” Bay

The Mets finally did something substantive, if what Mike Francesa’s slinging on WFAN is correct. They’ve come to an agreement with Jason Bay, which should be announced next week. Mike didn’t give any contract specifics, ok, but you would have to figure it’s in the ballpark of the $65M offer the team submitted earlier this month.

Given the Mets habit of bidding against themselves, let’s call this a four year, $68M contract agreement. Assuming the value of a win on the open market is between $4M and $4.5M, Bay would have to be worth about 4 wins above replacement per season to make this a fair deal for the Mets. This is no certainty considering his poor defense in left field, though the magnitude is very much up for debate.

Bay hit for a .397 wOBA with the Red Sox last season. That ranked him sixth among all American League hitters. While we should never lose sight of defense and positional scarcity, you can’t deny that this is one of the very best hitters in baseball. At 32 (next season), he’s past his physical peak, but young enough to be nearly as productive.

Is this the most efficient use of resources by the Mets?  Definitely not given the many holes on the roster yet to be filled; but the team has added a legitimately good player to their mix.

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  1. tjv101 says:

    This deal was needed. Most Mets fans were in panic mode especially after what our brothers across the city have done this offseason (trading for Granderson, Vazquez, signing N. Johnson, and re-signing Pettite…with probably another re-signing of Damon in the not so distant future). Yes, its December…but the end of December so it’s not ridiculous to want a major move done already. Give Minaya credit here, he called Bay’s bluff and stood firm on the 4 year package. I think it’s a great signing for a spot in the outfield that was mostly played by Angel Pagan, Fernando Tatis, or Gary Sheffield last season. Big upgrade and respectable contract. Add Bay to a healthy lineup of Wright, Reyes, and Beltran…and you have a formidable offense. Now the pitching staff…well that’s another story.

  2. brian mcnamee says:

    Bay will be a good addition. But don’t expect him to wave the
    rally towel in the dugout. Bay is more of a Kevin McReynolds
    type of personality. Even with high K’s, he’s proven that he can
    bang in runs. And with a (healthy) lineup that includes Wright, Beltran,
    and Reyes, he should get plenty of chances to do so. Now we need
    to address other question marks : 1st base, second base, and
    starting pitchers 2 through 5.

    Daniel Murphy is not the answer at first. (I’ve said it before)
    I don’t believe Delgado is going to fully recover from his hip
    injury. Ergo, we need a solution. Isn’t Mike Jacobs available ???

    I’ve always like Luis Castillo. His OBP is above average; he’s a
    selfless player with runners on; and aside from one notable exception,
    his glove has been above average. However, the lure of Orlando Hudson
    is hard to resist (he’s Luis Castillo only 2 years younger).

    As far as backstops, I wouldn’t be bothered if Bengie Molina went elsewhere.

    Yes, we fortified the bull-pen, but we can’t use em for 4 innings every
    day !!! We need another all-star starter. Period. Trade for Carlos Zambrano, get Ching Ming Wang, raid the Washington/Florida systems. Do whatever it takes to get us another quality arm !! Pelfrey and Maine
    are only good for 10-12 wins a season (until their walk year, then it’s a
    guaranteed 16 win year). And Ollie (sigh)…Ollie.

    That said. The line-up we have RIGHT NOW is pretty impressive.
    Like most of you, I’ve already been tinkering with it. Lefty-righty
    alternates, who’s batting second, is Wright or Beltran your cleanup
    hitter. Regardless. The goal is to get the core as many at-bats per
    game as possible. That means the fewer guaranteed outs the better
    (unlike last year, when we could walk away from the tv for 20 minutes until Wright came to bat again). This current line-up includes Reyes,
    Castillo, Wright, Beltran, Bay and Francoer. That’s 2-thirds of the card.
    That will turn the lineup over quickly (barring another M*A*S*H like
    repeat of 09). Bay really fattens it up, doesn’t he ?

    Good news, fans. Pitchers and catchers report in less than 60 days.

  3. The lineup we have now isn’t that good.

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