After everything that went wrong last week (and be patient, I will have a take up on the site about that soon, it’s just been hectic of late), it’s been hard to find a silver lining.  Thanks to the San Francisco Giants, we have found one.  The Giants sign Bengie Molina for one year and $4.5 million, which means that the Mets will not be signing Bengie Molina.  Thank you, Brian Sabean, for being you and blocking poor Buster Posey.  And thank you, Omar Minaya, for once you have not made a soul-crushing decision that makes me hate life.  It might be because you are so utterly powerless that the Wilpons won’t let you do anything, but your inaction regarding Molina has ultimately helped this team.  Bring on the Henry Blanco/Josh Thole platoon.

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  1. tjv101 says:

    I gotta tell you I was blind-sided by this one as was most Mets fans. All offseason the only sure thing said by experts/bloggers/fans/etc. was how the Mets were going to sign Bengie Molina. Granted, Molina didn’t impress some people by his last year’s OBP, poor running speed on the basepaths, lackluster throwing out runners capabilities, age, etc. However, the truth of the matter is the guy does make this Mets lineup better offensively whether you want to believe it or now from what they had in 2009. Surrounded by an array of players as talented as Beltran, Reyes, Wright, Francoeur, Bay would have made him better because he would have certainly seen a lot better pitches and not batting cleanup as he did in SF. Less pressure for the big guy. Regardless, he didn’t want to be a Met as he signed for cheaper than what the Mets were willing to offer. Maybe he saw the fate of the Titanic or the S.S. Minnow known as the Mets franchise. Am I heart-broken? No. I see his shortcomings too. Giving him more than 2 guaranteed years would’ve been ludicrous. We all have heard how talented young Josh Thole and how he tore up Binghamton (with singles) and impressed the team during his 21 game tenure late last season. Let’s hope the Mets do just this and give this young star the chance to shine and not screw with him like they did Mike Jacobs and try to move him from catcher to 1B.

  2. Chris Wilcox says:

    Travis, Bengie Molina is not a good baseball player. His only redeeming skill is power, and even that is shaky to predict moving forward. The team is better off for not having signed him. You’ll see.

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