Nothing for Nothing Doesn’t Mean Nothing

When “Mets to Acquire Gary Matthews Jr.” pops up in your Twitter timeline, you begin to fear the worst. Thoughts collide and doomsday scenarios materialize: Mets trade something of value; Mets take on a chunk of the contract; Mets sign him to an extension with a vesting option. Using those alternatives as a basis for comparison, Brian Stokes for Gary Matthews and $21 million in salary relief seems like a good deal.
But it isn’t. And constantly having to judge a transaction in light of the worst possible outcome is probably the most pathetic part of cheering for this poorly run organization. The heart of the matter is that the Mets are going to devote a roster spot, perhaps over the next two seasons, to a replacement-level player. Where it would’ve been prudent to sign one of the available free agent outfielders, who in this depressed market, will be fortunate to get much more than the salary owed to Matthews, the Mets will instead settle for a two million dollar paperweight.
As Chris stated earlier, “Sarge Lite” neither hits nor fields well, rendering the notion of “Beltran insurance” laughable. Sadly, he was likely targeted because the front office views him as a center fielder. That is, Minaya and company probably popped in MLB The Show 2010, saw “#24 Matthews Jr., CF” and decided that it was more preferable than “#2 Winn, RF” and “#9 Johnson, OF”.
Tony Reagins and the Angels organization deserve kudos for recognizing a sunk cost and dealing with it swiftly. Hopefully, the Mets learned something here and will use the same tact to deal Luis Castillo immediately.
I somehow doubt it though.

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  1. tjv101 says:

    Yeah I have to agree with you here. Matthews hasn’t proved anything to me in years. I didn’t even realize what an absurd contract he had til I read about the trade. I imagine the only reason the Mets did this trade is to simply push Pagan to work hard (and not injure himself) for opening day center fielder. Since Pagan is so injury prone, Matthews serves as a good backup or vice versa for guys that are both considered fourth outfielders. In the back of my mind, I was also hoping that somehow since the Mets did the Angels a favor and removed Matthews from their roster the Angels will return take Castillo as the Mets eat most of his contract paving the way for the younger, hipper, and unsigned Orlando Hudson.

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