Omar Minaya: I’m Just Saying

Omar Minaya’s stated goal when taking the General Manager post in 2004 was to make the team “younger and more athletic.” While one can argue the merits of such a mantra, it was something to which he could be held accountable. Parsing his words, you would expect the Mets to consistently field fast, young teams that cover a lot of ground. With that, I submit the New York Mets opening day lineup:

Player Age in 2010 2009 UZR
Barajas, C 35 n/a
Jacobs, 1B 30 0.4
Castillo, 2B 35 -10.4
Wright, 3B 28 -10.4
Cora, SS 35 -3.8
Bay, LF 32 -13
Matthews, CF 36 -14.5
Francoeur, RF 26 -6.1

How athleticism manifests itself in baseball may be a tricky thing to gauge; age not so much. Rod Barajas is a good defensive catcher, but 35. Jacobs was above average at 1B in a microscopic sample size. He’s really a putrid defender. With the exception of a Wright and Francoeur bounce-back, the Mets will field a decidedly old, nonathletic team.

So, hey, Omar, what do you say?

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