Joe A. Dig

Hello all; I’m Joe “joeadig” DiGiuseppe and I’m a lifelong Mets fan.  That doesn’t quite have the “I’m an alcoholic” admission status that it once did these days though, huh?  And while I’d like to say that winning doesn’t matter to me, it sure feels damn good right now to root for the best team in baseball!

I’m not really sure how or why I became a Mets fan, but I do have a theory.  I was seven-years-old in 1986, just about the time a young boy reaches his formative years, and just about the time the Mets were the best team in baseball.  So while I’d love to say that I’m a Met fan by birth, I’m not—it was probably their winning ways in the mid-80’s that did it.  I have splashes of memory from the 86 World Series, many more from the 88 playoff loss to the Dodgers, and way too many of Vince Coleman, Bobby Bonilla, and Eddie Murary destroying the team that love.

My all-time favorite Met has always been Gary Carter and it broke my heart to see him go into the Hall of Fame as an Expo.  Mike Piazza is a very close second all-time favorite player, and if he ends up in the Hall as a Dodger I just may send  a very harshly-worded letter to the voting committee.  Jose Reyes is my favorite current Met, and if he plays like he has this past season and ends up in the Hall, he better not go in with another team because it just may make me cry like a little girl.

When I’m not watching baseball (and if you ask my wife that’s practically never), I’m a high school English teacher in Freehold, NJ.  I’m a computer nerd who surfs the net daily and plays online games whenever there’s time.  I can’t get enough Lost; I think it’s an American tragedy that Arrested Development was canceled; and if The Office isn’t new each Thursday I throw things at people.  I don’t have a myspace account because I just don’t see the appeal, but I do have petster accounts for dog and two cats (actually my wife made them and I make fun of her for it, but secretly I love them too—don’t tell her!).

That’s about all I can think of to say about myself.  Enjoy!